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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 3, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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rosa. reporter: jeff westbrook says he, too, is mourning the loss of andy lopez. the memorial to him continues to grow. the deputy who shot lopez is the same man who pulled a gun on westbrook during a routine traffic stop. >> at this time i just looked at him point blank at the barrel of a gun. >> he said he and an employee feared for their lives beforing a stopped on highway 101 for make ang unsafe lane change. he says the sheriff's deputy who made the stop seemed agitated when he approached his car. >> i looked to -- i looked back up there was a gun, and he is screaming, turn the vehicle off. at that point i put my hands up and said, sir, the vehicle is off. >> the deputy then told westbrook to get out of the car. >> he asked me if i had any weapons and as i took my hands to go like this, he went back to
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the gun thing and it was, turn around, hands behind your back. >> westbrook was later shocked to learn that deputy was eric gelhouse, the same man who shot and killed andy lopez last month, believing the air soft rifle he was carrying was an assault weapon. >> i saw something. my wife said, this man is going to shoot someone. >> westbrook says he complained several times to the sheriff's department with little response. he said after the traffic stop gelhouse refused to explain why he drew his weapon. we could not reach gelhouse's attorney today but in an easterly early statement we were told, based on the deputies experience and training he would never willy-nilly pull out his gun, only if there was ad in for it. jeff westbrook feels guilty he didn't do more and will never forget when a gun was drawn on him without cause.
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>> you're looking at a man who has pulled a gun, and i know they don't bull them unless they intend to use them. >> westbrook was not hurt and plans to file a formal complaint against the deputy very soon. >> cal police are investigating a rash of robberies and attempt robberies on campus. there will three since wednesday night and a dozen theft or robbery attempts since october 1st. several senior sergio is live. reporter: a uk berkeley spokesperson says they have been working very hard to make the campus save, and they have been making really good progress recently, except that this recent string of attacks has students on guard. the most recent attack happened here at the faculty grade. last friday night. in that incident an 18-year-old woman was grabbed from behind while one suspect while a second
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suspect pulled a gun on her, then took her phone and rifled through her purse. she managed to get free and then chased after her attackers but they got away. i talked with one student who says she heard about the recent series of attacks, so she is doing something to protect herself. >> because of it, i actually have pepper spray in my bag, and it's pink. i got it yesterday. i got it now. because of this. because i'm paranoid. reporter: the uc berkeley police heave been stepping up patrols around campus, and enough that it gets darker faster, students might wand to take advantage of programs that begin at dusk, programs off bird the night safety students. students can book someone to be an escort if they're on campus and check out for the night safety shut sol they can hop eye board if they need to. or book door to door service to be picked up and taken where
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they need to go. that service goes until 5:30 a.m. as for the attacks, uk police have not said they might be connected, and there has eave not been -- have not been any arrests. >> new details are marriaging from the deadly shooting at los angeles enter national airport. the accused gunman, paul ciancia told investigators he acted alone. a law enforcement official told the "associated press" that ciancia was dropped off at the airport by a friend. he was shot by an airport police officer and is headily sedated at the hospital. a tsa officer was killed and for others wounded. >> in san jose police are searching for a mentally handdecapped man missing since last friday, last seen on vine street. he has a previous head injury. he also walks with a limp and
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has a cane. he is 5'8", 140 pounds, and has black hour and a beard. last seen wearing black jacket, white t-shirt, black pants and flip-flops. a federal appeals court ruling over a key obamacare mandate is likely to start another healthcare battle in the u.s. supreme court. at issue is a provision in the affordable care act that requires employers with 50 or more workers to provide coverage for contraceptives or pay a fine. an ohio based company sued, claiming it affected their rights there has been jot range over the federal exchange site that overseize obamacare. today it was up and rung tonight. engineers fixed the troublesome tech nick cool -- technical problems and democrats are
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calling the site0s shortcomings unacceptable. >> i felt and i said this directly to the president's chief of staff, they ought to take down the web site until it was right. >> applications for affordable care are still ahead of signups for president bush's medical act that gave elderly americans a prescription drug benefit. >> a new poll shows older americans are standing firmly against cuts to social security benefits. civics in ten people aged 50 and older oppose the way cost of living raises are calculated or raising the eligibility age for full benefits. in fact maybe want more generous benefits witha third of responsible departments saying the eligibility age should be below 65. >> president obama plans to make a stop in the bay area again later this month. the president will visit san francisco for a democratic national committee fundraiser at the jazz club on november 26th this will mark the fourth time
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this year president obama has visited the bay area. it's also the 16th time he has visited san francisco since taking office back in 2009. a massive $800 million casino is about to hope in the north bay. the it will open tuesday just off hyper101, a few california touches and locally made wine and food. for those who smoke it will be allowed on most of the gaming floor, thole there will be areas where it's prohibited. the casino will employ 2200 people. more than 3500 runners completed the u.s. half marathon in san francisco today. the race kicked off at 7:00 this morning. the course took runners across the golden gate bridge. the first to cross the finish line were anna lee of san francisco for the women, and greg wall-of san francisco for the men. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 6:00. freeze tag is a popular playground game.
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parents are upset when a school started a policy to make the kids freeze at recess some of the bay area's brightest minds were in a competition to make the most fuel efficient vehicles. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. the winds have died down, but there's some nice warming in the accuweather seven-day
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>> this week the long search for a multimillion dollar softball complex in san jose could be over. the city council will have a proposal to build it south of east ridge mall. the san jose mercury news reports some council members feel the site is too small. they want to see it built at the county fairground. however that may have additional costs and take more time. a group of parents in northern california is fighting an elementary school recess policy that is supposed to make the transition from playtime to classtime easier. students at navigatorletry school are told to freeze at the end of recess and assume a position where they put their
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hands on their knees but parents don't like and it call the position victimizing and almost pornographic. they want the district to do away with the practice. >> daughters bent over and assume this position. she can be like that for ten minutes until you get the other kids to bend over and freeze? >> school officials say the position is supposed to calm kids down and make the walk back to class more orderly. the district will modify the freeze position to address the outcry. >> up next, a look at the changes coming to our weather. meteorologist leigh glaser has the forecast. >> what happened to the vaunted raiders defense. they were ripped apart for
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so yso you can happily let the grlife get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can >> students from 31 colleges and universities in north america were in san francisco today to find the key to america's future energy supply. this is the 15th annual competition. they were tasked with using sustainable energy to power these cars.
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>> it's also a real learning experience, trying to control reaction. that's our main objective as chemical engineers, how to control a reaction, and what are our errors. >> the competition wrapped up a couple hours ago. the university of tulsa, oklahoma, took home first place for their creation. cal and son jose state were in the bottom tier. >> time to look at what's ahead for the week. it's so much darker early. >> we did the time change today, and the clouds have been with us off and on today. that wind advisory posted through tomorrow morning, it was cancelled. the winds didn't materialize. it was breezy but not like what we anticipated. doppler 7 showing a piece of energy to the north brings us a few cloud, and going up further, you can see these clouds
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starting to break apart, and this is going to be a clear patch that will bring us more sunshine tomorrow. speaking of winds, you can see for yourself that most locations reporting calm winds, or winds less than 12 miles-per-hour. the exception would be half moon bay. still seeing the northerly winds with gusts to 22 miles-per-hour. nice shot from the tam cam. and here's a look at current readings. it's getting cold. san francisco, 55. 56 in san jose. from our sutro cam, mainly clear visibility there right now. novato, 57. concord, 57. here's a look at our forecast highlights. yeah, darker sooner this afternoon. in fact the sunset was at 5:08. colder overnight, less wind. we'll keep a few clouds overhead. and then nice warmer days through at least mid-week. sunday morning, we had -- of course sunday morning -- this morning we had a little bit of clear patches, and then some of those clouds started to push
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south. these clouds will be with us off and on this evening. and it's going to be a cooler this evening. 5:00 tomorrow morning commute time we should see the clouds thin out, and as we head through the afternoon hours, high pressure builds in, keeps the storm track to the north. 1:00, get ready for sunshine. we'll keep some light breezes right near the coast. >> speaking of some large breezes, we're going to take you down to right here, and we're keeping a close eye on tropical storm sonia, centered 95 miles to the east of the tip there of cabo, and winds are at 45 miles-per-hour. it looks like it will head into mexico by around 10:00 tonight with 40 miles-per-hour wind busts. moving inland, bringing them quite a bit of rainfall monday afternoon. here's other look at the lows tonight. 30s in the north bay.
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040s elsewhere, and keep some breezes near the coast. a few scattered high clouds here and there. by tomorrow afternoon we should start to see sunshine, still be breezy at the coast. temperatures slightly warmer, with 70 for fairfield, 63, san francisco. san jose, 67. 69, livermore. tuesday and wednesday, terrific days. wednesday, the warmest day in the mid-70s. and then we cool things back down friday and saturday. next sunday, slight chance right now of maybe some rain in our forecast. >> all right. thank you so much, leigh. shu is here with sports but unfortunately the eagles spoil the day. >> the raiders hosting philadelphia, trying to get to .500. instead the eagles, led by quarterback nick forks tied an
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nfl seven t.d. passes. first drive of the game, 7-0 eagles. second quarter. combines with cooper for the second ft. of the half. hayden falls down. cooper goes 63 yards, 21-3 philly. zack ertz z first career touchdown. 28-13 at the half. eagles 328-yard in the first half. foles to mccoy. next drive, jackson, easy six. more t.d.'s than incompletions, still in the third. seven t.d. pass, third to cooper, ties an nfl record for most t.d. passes. eagles embarrass the raiders 49-20. oakland crops to 3-5. >> we're a better football team than what we displayed today. we'll go back to work and get ready to go up to new york and
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compete against the new york giants. we'll put a better product on the field. >> i feel like we had great week of preparation. all the guys were fired up before the game, ready to go. i felt great at the beginning of the game and just continued through the game. >> kansas city chiefs from worse in the nfl to undefeated at 9-0. down at halftime to the bills who were looking for more. the pickoff at the goal line. sean smith returns it 100 guard the touchdown. chiefs defense scored both t.d.s for kansas city. >> 49ers enjoying their bye week. they're 6-2 hosting the red-hot carolina panthers who have won four straight. panthers took care of the falcons today. cam newton threw for 249 yards and a touchdown, 14-yard right here to greg olsen. panther improve to 5-3 on the year with a 34-10 victory. >> upset alert. seattle hosting winless tampa bay, and the bucs up 21-0 after this pass from mike james to tom
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crabtree. seattle's won their last 11 at home. russell wilson, the stanford product, ties it at 24. and then the biggest come back completed in overtime. 247 yarder to win it. seekses a game and a half up on the idle niners. 27-24 the final. >> the champions tour ending the season. two story lines. will fred couples win his first event of the year and will kenny perry or bernhard langer winning the title. two cups will be presented today. langer needed to win,, finish fifth or worst but tied for second at 11-under. perry, 3-under on the day. longer knows he is not worry. fred couples, takens the tournament by six strokes, nice bird on seven. finishes 17 under on the tournament. the first win of the champions tour this season.
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>> it took me the whole year finally beat kenny perry in something. >> fred, let's go somewhere and get something to eat. >> the pga in shanghai for the final round of the hsbc championship. dustin johnson led by 3 coming into the day. 5-under on the back nine. and a 6-under 66. 24 under on the tournament, winning by three. >> nascar in texas for the aaa500. 30 laps in jimmie johnson took the lead, dominating the rest of the day. he takes the checkered flag for the sixth time this year. he ills now -- is now the chase for the cup leader by seven points over matt kenseth. i have to mention florida state jumped to number two over oregon in the bcs polls. just saying. >> up next at 6:00. three new movies and many big
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names at the box
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join me tonight at 9:00 on cable 13. we'll look at why a common marine animal is dying off look the pacific coast from southern california to alaska. >> at 11:00 here on abc7, sex, drugs, politics, and betrayal. our i-team reporter talks with a half of a political power couple. how she fell into drugs and came back out. three new films with very different audiences debuted at the box office this weekend. the biggest budget of the bunch came in at the top spot. "enders game" based on a popular sci-fi model in second place, now grandpa" last week's winner in third was the debut of "last vegas" which stars robert deniro and michael douglas in a hangover type comedy.
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animated family film free bird was fourth, and gravity stayed in the top five, earning $13 million. the oscar hopeful has topped $220 million in five weeks. >> that is it for us at 6:00. i'm ama daetz. for leigh glaser, mike shumann, thank you for joining us. see you back here at 9:00 and 11:00.
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